Tuesdays @ 6:30-8 p.m.

September 13-October 18

FCT Gathering Grounds

We will study "Jesus Over Everything" by Lisa Whittle. During this 6-week study you will learn that life doesn't have to be so complicated!

While we are busy strategizing new ways to streamline our calendars and clean the clutter out of our closets, what really needs attention is actually the secret to long-term clarity and lasting peace: putting Jesus over everything in our lives.

In a culture that carries the confusion of overindulgence, endless options and influencer voices, the Jesus-first life clears our minds and hearts of noise so our souls can find true meaning and rest. 

Discover the joy of choosing:
-Commitment over mood
-Real over pretty
-Steady over hype
-Holiness over freedom
-Service over spotlight
-Wisdom over knowledge
-Honesty over hiding