Worship Options During the Pandemic

In-Person Service

We have established several precautions for safer gathering in our building. Here's what you can expect:
  • Please wear a mask (if possible) as required by Governor DeWine's mandate for Summit County effective July 10, 2020. Review our Mask Policy for our building here. 
  • Please social distance from those not in your family or regularly in your home. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the building.
  • A Sanitation Team disinfects after each service and is vigilant about cleaning and wiping down the pews, door handles, faucets, and any other common touchpoints.
  • Every other pew in our Sanctuary should remain empty. An overflow area is available if we surpass out limited seating capacity,
  • Our Gathering Grounds are closed to discourage physical contact. Please also avoid handshakes and hugs.
  • Bibles and Hymnals were removed from the pews.  Please bring your own or use an app such as the “Bible” app. 
  • If weather permits, all doors will be propped open so there’s no need to touch door handles. 
  • We will not pass the offering plate. Instead, use your smartphone to access our online giving at FirstChurchTallmadge.com/Donate. We also have a contactless drop box in the lobby to put your offerings as you leave the service.
  • To help eliminate any awkwardness or ambiguity, we implemented a Wristband Program. We encourage you to wear one of our colored wristbands to indicate to others your level of comfort for fellowship during this pandemic. Simply choose the color that is right for you and wear it each week to church. You can change your color preference at any time. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe and we respect any and all preferences.

The CDC recommends the following people should not attend church services:

  • Those who are (or are living with someone) under quarantine, not feeling well, or
  • Those who have underlying health conditions
  • Those who are 65 years and older. Please note, we will not turn anyone away based on age. 

Virtual Service

We understand many of you will not feel comfortable returning to church gatherings just yet, and we stand by and respect your decision. We encourage you to continue joining us on Sunday mornings via our a LiveStream service. 

Children's Ministry 

We have entered PHASE 2 for reopening our Children's Ministry. Before the sermon begins, children are excused from the sanctuary to the gym for a message and active learning time (games, small group chats, or hands-on activities). All Serve Team Members must wear masks, but we do not require children under 10 to wear one. If you prefer your child wears a mask, just let a team member know at check-in. We will place a sticker on your child’s nametag to indicate your preference. If you are still uncomfortable with your children being with others, you are more than welcome to keep them with you in the service!

Thank You

We are so blessed by your unwavering faithfulness and generosity. Your gifts allow our work and mission to continue during this challenging time for our community. Whether you are attending service in person or watching from home,  you can give online at FirstChurchTallmadge.com/Donate. 


In March after the government encouraged us to shelter in place, we quit gathering on Sunday morning and in our groups to participate in flattening the curve. That has been accomplished, the healthcare system has not been overwhelmed and the state has begun to encourage businesses to re-open with precautions as we move forward. Yet we still acknowledge the virus is spreading and can have severe effects on the vulnerable. 

The Elders believe now is the time for us to begin to encourage some to meet.  We want to start with our Growth Groups before we gather again in the Sanctuary. We set a tentative date of June 28 to begin in-person worship on Sundays. This gives us time to devise a responsible procedure for regathering. Until then, we ask that if our group leaders are willing to host group meetings that they do so. We recognize that not everyone who hosted in the past is willing to host now and some people will not feel comfortable attending. 

We believe Growth Groups allow us to ease into regathering, and from a spiritual stand point we believe some people really need to re-gather. We are more than physical beings. Our spiritual and mental health are also very important.

Please use this guide to formulate the plan for regathering that works for you and your Growth Group.