Coronavirus response fund

So many people are facing unfortunate and unforeseen obstacles regarding childcare, food, furloughs, layoffs, etc. In response we created a Coronavirus Response Fund to provide relief for those impacted by this pandemic.  Now more than ever we need to answer Jesus' call to love our neighbors. Please consider donating to this fund so we can be the light of the world reflecting Jesus' light to those around us during these dark days.

If you or someone you is in need at this time, please let us know! Email us or call us at 330-633-0107.


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coronavirus updates

  • COVID-19 Update on Re-Gathering
  • May 20, 2020

    With input and information gathered from our government, news, state and national church offices, our congregants and other congregations, the Elders and Pastors recently discussed our re-gathering plan. We are as exhausted of this issue as you are, but recognize this is a complex issue with vastly varying opinions and approaches.  

    We did our best to form a plan based on the majority of our Eldership’s guidance. Therefore, we decided to begin gathering in our Growth Groups before we resume in-person Sunday Worship Services on June 28.To read more about how we hope to restart our groups, please read our “Covid-19 Group Guide” here:

    We Ask for Your Patience, Prayers and Support  
    I do not want Covid-19 to cause our or any congregation to crumble because of the difficult decisions we now face. I acknowledge some will view our plan as too cautious while others will believe it is not cautious enough. The truth is, no clear path or precedent exists. Our culture is deeply divided over this issue and we live in a polarizing time. I want us to be countercultural and move forward in unity—even if it doesn’t look like uniformity on all issues of re-gathering. Remember, this too shall pass and it will bring God glory for his people to stay unified at a time when others aren’t.   

    Our Mission Remains the Same
    Let us remember it is still our mission to ensure everyone
    Knows God, 
        Lives with Purpose, 
       and Spreads God’s Love. 

    I Challenge You
    Do not give up on our mission because it’s difficult. Let’s resolve to continue making disciples and making Jesus the Subject in the midst of our challenges. We don’t have to wait—we can still carry out our mission, especially with today’s technology. We can still share the gospel and introduce people to the Knowledge of God. We can still invite friends, family and neighbors to Belong to our church or group and experience the joy of Christian fellowship. We can still think about our Purpose in life and the brevity of it. We can still Spread God’s love!  

    Our Re-gathering Plan
    • Encourage Growth Group Leaders to read through our Covid-19 Group Guide and put a plan together for their group.
    • Re-gather on Sunday mornings tentatively set for June 28
    • Devise a policy for Sunday Worship Services, which will be released before we gather on June 28. You will have an opportunity to read through the policy before deciding to gather in person.

    What We Are Doing Right Now
    • Helping people in need with our Coronavirus Response Funds. If you or someone you know has been affected by the pandemic, please let us know at You can also support our efforts by donating to the CoronavirusResponse Fund online
    • Supporting and funneling people who need help with food JoAnn’s Pantry and the Brechmacher House
    • Hosting a Baccalaureate/Graduation Ceremony for our congregation’s graduates on June 7 at 2 p.m. (Look for details soon!)
    • Helping with childcare needs for working parents left without options because of daycares shutting down. Contact us if you or someone you know needs help.
    • Providing online services via our Facebook page and Youtube channel. 
    • Working to update our video ministry
    • Ensuring our shut-ins and those in nursing homes are contacted. 
    • Finding creative ways to connect with the youth and children. 

    How You Can Support Our Church
    • Let us know about any needs or prayer requests you or someone else has. You can do this here.
    • Consider rejoining your group or leading a group.  
    • Tune into our online services through Facebook, Youtube, our website or podcast.  
    • Share our services and content on your social media to encourage others to view. 
    • Pray for the Pastors and Elders as we continue to re-evaluate policies and ministry going forward. 

    Thank you for your continued prayers, patience and giving. We are encouraged by the graciousness and support we witness from so many people who belong to First Church. Let’s continue on until everyone comes to Know God, Belong, Live with Purpose and Spread God’s Love!

    Jesus is the subject, 

    Pastor Josh


    COVID-19 Group Guide


    In March after the government encouraged us to shelter in place, we quit gathering on Sunday morning and in our groups to participate in flattening the curve. That has been accomplished, the healthcare system has not been overwhelmed and the state has begun to encourage businesses to re-open with precautions as we move forward. Yet we still acknowledge the virus is spreading and can have severe effects on the vulnerable. 

    The Elders believe now is the time for us to begin to encourage some to meet.  We want to start with our Growth Groups before we gather again in the Sanctuary. We set a tentative date of June 28 to begin in-person worship on Sundays. This gives us time devise a responsible procedure for regathering. Until then, we ask that if our group leaders are willing to host group meetings that they do so. We recognize that not everyone who hosted in the past is willing to host now and some people will not feel comfortable attending. 

    We believe Growth Groups allow us to ease into regathering, and from a spiritual stand point we believe some people really need to re-gather. We are more than physical beings. Our spiritual and mental health are also very important.

    Please use this guide to formulate the plan for regathering that works for you and your Growth Group.